Digitalisation of key fleet business processes

It does not matter which monitoring system or equipment you are using. Artifleet increases the efficiency of vehicle monitoring systems.

How to increase the profitability of your fleet

Everything you need for everyday work and automation of key processes. Set up your fleet profile, connect your employees, and stay on top of your team's performance and the quality of customer service.
Fleet Manager
Assesses and allocates company resources in real time to achieve the best possible results.
Generates trips and creates the best routes. Knows the financial performance of a trip
Not only monitors the current vehicle location but also manages risks by assessing the arrival time for loading, unloading, etc.

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Our partners can assist you with selecting, installing, and configuring equipment for your fleet, no matter where you are in Russia or neighbouring countries.


The effect of implementing the system

Savings of up to RUB 85,300 per vehicle every month
Up to 30,000 RUB
Increased revenue due to reduced idle time
Up to 450 km
Fewer deviations from the route
Up to 50 %
Fewer empty runs
Up to 17,000 RUB
By selecting efficient trips

Need help?

Get consultation support on fleet digitalisation, installation of necessary equipment, and employee training programs. A team of professionals with in-depth expertise in transportation logistics management is ready to provide comprehensive support. Information about the cost of the software or contact information are sent upon request, after filling out the form.