Gas station recommendations

Use our recommendation system for gas stations to significantly reduce fuel costs by selecting the most high-quality and cost-efficient gas stations directly on the route.

Typical issues of freight/transport companies

Overpaying for fuel en route
Fuel is the main expense item for a transportation company. Therefore, it is necessary to control not only the drains/underfills of fuel but also the cost at which the driver refuels on the route. The difference in the price of fuel between neighbouring gas stations can be significant, but the driver has no personal stake in choosing the cheapest gas station.
Losing time at gas stations
It is equally important to control how often vehicles are refuelled. Refuelling takes time, and if the driver has a 1,000-litre tank and only fills up 300 litres every day, the time loss on the route will be significant. In addition, the driver can choose a gas station that is not on the route, which also increases the duration of the trip.


This problem can be solved by implementing a notification system that automatically predicts where and how much fuel to fill up with maximum benefit and efficiency for the fleet.

Features of the Artifleet trip dispatching system

  • Controls the fuel level in the tank
  • Reminds to fill up
  • Selects the best gas stations along the route
  • Alerts the driver to the coordinates of suitable gas stations


For drivers, logisticians, dispatchers
At the route planning stage:
  • Calculates the time and amount of fuel to the nearest gas station
  • Warns about sections of the route where refuelling is not possible

During the trip:
  • Avoids refuelling at unreliable, low-quality, or costly gas stations
  • Reduces the number of planned deviations from the route

Quick selection of the best refuelling offer without deviating from the route.
For business owners
Lower fleet costs through a reduction in the overall cost of fuel, vehicle repairs, and route optimisation.