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About the Project

Artifleet is a high-tech spin-off project from Omnicomm, an international expert in transportation management.

Thanks to their presence on the transport telematics market since 1997, Omnicomm specialists have gained vast experience in manufacturing and integrating telematics software and equipment. Partnership with companies from different industries enabled the development of significant expertise in fleet organisation and transportation planning in different business areas.

By 2020, we had gathered a huge amount of data and identified the major issues of fleet owners and employees that were hindering the development of the transportation business.

Artifleet helps solve these problems, optimise fleet business processes, and significantly increase business efficiency.


Boris Pankov
Nikolai Katsia
General Director
Vyacheslav Derevyagin
Industry Expert
Maxim Ilarionov
Project Manager
Maxim Pavlukhin
Design Bureau Director
Alexei Gritsai
Backend Developer + Application Backend Architect