Transport BI

Interactive tool for fleet managers to improve the competitiveness of the transport company, raise the service level, increase efficiency and profit.

Typical issues of freight/transport companies

It is impossible to control everything
The main problem of any manager is the lack of continuous and complete control of all metrics, business processes, and all stages of work with the customer. It is impossible to simultaneously monitor all dispatchers, the efficiency of each trip, the cost of fueling each vehicle, especially if your company has a large fleet. Lack of options for analysing the situation and promptly correcting it can make the company inefficient, which means lost customers and financial losses.


You can use the automated system to evaluate in real time and allocate the company's resources with maximum efficiency.

Features of the Artifleet trip dispatching system

  • Analyses key financial indicators
  • Analyses major costs: mileage, travel time, and idle time of vehicles, the amount and cost of fuel, loading/unloading time for different customers
  • Analyses causes of major losses: forced idle time, lost time at gas stations, low efficiency of tariffs
  • Analyses personnel efficiency: the quality of each employee's work, the number of deviations, the speed of response to deviations, the density of the fleet load, avoiding idle time, etc.
  • Provides metrics to all key participants in processes


For transportation company owners
Prompt answers to questions regarding business process efficiency. End-to-end analysis of the current fleet load, customer relations, and the effectiveness of current tariffs.